Board of Advisers

Established in 2011, the Marshall Group Board of Advisers draws upon a wide range of scientific, business, and engineering disciplines from around the globe.   The Marshall Family of Companies benefits from the guidance, counsel, and shared knowledge provided by the best of the best. Their dedication in providing us with insight, counsel, outside the box thinking, and keeping it real, has been invaluable to our ongoing progress and success. The following individuals have been instrumental in guiding the formation and development of the Marshall Family of Companies.

The Members of the Board of Advisers are listed in alphabetical order.

Roger Arnold

The world cannot much longer rely on the inherited bounty of cheap fossil fuels to power its economy. We face an urgent need to transition to clean and sustainable alternatives. Ocean hydrothermal vents offer the promise of concentrated high capacity sources for baseload power for less than the cost of coal plants. Exploration of that option should be high on the priority list of both multinational energy companies and nations at risk from the looming energy crisis.""

Roger Arnold graduated in 1967 with a BS in Physics and Math from the Honors College of Michigan State University. He worked briefly as a physicist for IBM's semiconductor division, before being drafted into the U.S. Army. He served two years as a systems analyst for the U.S. Forces Support District in Stuttgart, Germany. After Army service, he studied Computer Science at the University of Colorado Graduate School, focusing on processor architectures and operating systems. He was hired by Boeing Aerospace before completing his thesis, and for the next seven years worked on classified military projects. He left Boeing in 1981 to join a startup company in San Diego developing commercial Ada compilers. He was a principal designer and manager for the compilers' code generators and global optimizer. When the company was sold in 1989, he cashed in his options and moved to his current home in Sunnyvale, California. With that move he also switched his focus from software back to hardware engineering. He has worked in processor design and systems architecture for a number of different companies in the churning high-tech world of Silicon Valley, He holds numerous patents in the area of processor architecture, dating from his tenure with the TriCore processor group at Infineon Technologies. He is an expert on cryptographic hardware and trusted systems.

For the last several years, Mr. Arnold has been semi-retired. He maintains a small research and IP development company, Silverthorn Engineering, and does ocassional consulting. His current focus area is actuators and control systems for telepresence, but he is interested in efficient and sustainable systems in the broadest sense.

Dr. Mahmoud Awan

"Commercialization of Marshall Hydrothermal technologies should be the national agenda of every nation that is facing an energy crisis. Organizations that commit to utilization of hydrothermal vents will ensure not only a viable solution for the energy crisis but also guarantee a long term profitable and sustainable future for themselves and their constituents."

An International Lawyer and Financial Economist specializing in Technology Management, Prof. Awan received his LLM degree from Boston University Law School after receiving the LLB degree in Corporate Law from Punjab University. He received his Ph.D. in International Finance from Clark University of Massachusetts in 1976. He has been a Distinguished Professor of Finance at INCEIF Global University, where he also served as the Founding Dean of the Faculty and Chief Academic Officer from 2006 to 2008. Author of several books, he has been President/CEO of Techman International, a technology management company based in Massachusetts, since 1982. He served as Chairman of the Board at Technical Communications Corporation, a NASDAQ listed public company involved in secure communications for the defense industry from 1998 to 2002. He has been the key investor and Board Chairman at several multinational corporations and is responsible for steering several companies to IPOs and eventual listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange. He has been a Professor of International Finance at Johnson & Wales University and is the Professor Emeritus at National University of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan, where he served as a Presidential Advisor to the Government.

Dr. Raffaella Bellanca

"If you were to extract resources from the bottom of the sea, would you prefer to bring to the surface dangerous, polluting, climate changing oil that you then need to burn in order to produce heat energy, or would you rather harvest heat energy directly?  The choice seems simple to me.  Hopefully oil extraction companies will come to see the point too."

"Dr Raffaella Bellanca is an experienced consultant in the energy sector specialized in innovation and communication with particular emphasis to the context of International Development.

For a good part of her career she has worked as research engineer in the field of combustion engineering and software design for energy companies and the automotive industry. She graduated from the University of Milan with a M.Sc. in Environmental Physics. Her PhD, from Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden, focused on the reduction and optimization of chemical models which led to her involvement in the set up of a clean-tech company.

She continued her education with a master in Communication for Development from the University of Malmo and volunteered in Haiti as project manager of a PV rural electrification project. She thereafter worked in London as consultant in sustainable development acquiring experience in knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation and diffusion of innovations. Her expertise is specifically focused on sustainability, social entrepreneurship and base of the pyramid business models."

Paul Brown

"The MHRS system holds tremendous potential as an adaptive, clean, reliable, long-term, ecologically low-impact, high-output means of energy production. The multi-cogenerative applications of mining and desalination only add to the system's productivity and financial potential."

Paul graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Science in which his field studies took him to numerous energy production facilities and research centers, e.g. NASA-Ames, Lawrence Livermore/Sandia Laboratories, Folsom ISO, McClellan AFB, as well as direct interaction with energy policy at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. He has made significant academic, professional, and political contacts as a result that have proven to be very fruitful.

Of late, Paul has been heavily involved in the design of a proposed seawater desalination plant in addressing how to power the 1.6MW system with clean energy, as well as conducting public outreach in concert with both current, and former, Santa Cruz city council members. He has also initiated a carbon sequestration strategy with a fuel cell company such that they could capitalize on an expanding niche market. Furthermore, with the application of a secondary technology he has suggested for their system, they could implement a measure of sequestration that would serve broader markets."

Chris Cook

"'But that's obvious' was my reaction when I first read Bruce Marshall's insight that it makes more sense to access geothermal heat on the ocean floor through kilometres of water, rather than through kilometres of rock. It may be obvious, but no-one has done it, and the engineering challenges of developing the concept and rolling it out on a global scale are immense. Crazy though it may seem, the greater challenge is to mobilise the human and material resources to deliver this potentially game-changing technology. I hope and believe that I can bring a 21st century legal and financial solution to bear to enable Bruce Marshall to realise his vision."

Chris is a strategic consultant, enterprise architect and expert on resilience and sustainable development with a unique understanding of the operation of enterprises of all types, from global markets to micro-enterprises.

Chris combines strategic thinking and innovation capable of adding value to any enterprise whatever the scale, activity or legal and financial structure.

Chris has worked at the highest level in global markets generally and energy markets in particular, and has created globally successful financial products and mechanisms.

Chris has given evidence in person to the UK Parliament's Treasury Select Committee in respect of oil market regulation, and to the Scottish Parliament's Economy, Energy & Tourism Committee in respect of energy financing.

Royal Daniel

"Harnessing of hydrothermal vents offers a nearly endless source of continuous high quality thermal energy that would otherwise go unused for power generation and water desalination while producing minimal new environmental emissions."

Mr. Daniel has over two decades of experience in energy project development and power asset operations. For PSEG he led PSEG Global business development and later oversaw operations of generating plants in both the U.S. and Asia Pacific. Executive team member and board director for a start-up international IPP company developed to over 15,000 MW. He built 3 electric generating plants in California during their energy crisis. Raised over US$750 million of project debt, and completed over US$1 billion worth of equity monetization transactions.

Currently Managing Director of the Asia subsidiary of a U.S. based international engineering firm offering a full range of engineering services for the electric power industry to the greater Asia market with recent regional accomplishments include owners engineer for 10 power plants with total capacity of 5,400 MW, lenders independent engineer for 7 power plants with total capacity of 800 MW, and providing design packages for off-site construction activities for 7 power plants with total capacity of 800 MW. Prior to the engineering firm, Roy formed an energy storage company between a Fortune 200 NYSE listed Energy Holding Company and the technology inventor. As Chief Operating Officer his accomplishments include market positioning, creation of design library to institutionalize intellectual property, expanding intellectual property to raise barriers of entry, and establishment of both the equipment supply chain and constructor supply chain. Company clients received over US$50 million in project matching grants from the U.S. Department of Energy.

He is a professional engineer, unclassified general contractor, certified public accountant, and is admitted to the legal bars of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina and District of Columbia.

Jean-François Denault

“Hydrothermal resources represent a vast, untapped source of energy, which ought to be thoroughly explored. They have the potential to become a significant asset to the green energy production mix. The technical and economical challenges should not be the roadblocks to further exploration of this exciting technology.”

Jean-Francois Denault has been working with innovators and entrepreneurs as an independent professional consultant for over ten years. He has completed over 225 projects in 30 different countries, mostly with companies possessing innovative technologies. As such, he has had the opportunity to work with businesses located in Canada, the U.S., India and Australia (among many others). His projects are mostly related to competitive intelligence, marketing strategy as well as organizational communication and planning. He possesses a graduate degree in Management Consulting, an executive MBA and is completing a master`s degree in organizational communication.

One of his areas of specialization is Green technologies. As such, he has completed projects related to renewable energy (mostly solar and biofuels), clean technologies (water filtration), energy efficiency (intelligent homes, insulation), waste-to-energy and green consumer trends. He continues to pursue opportunities where he can help groundbreaking technologies make it to market.

Nancy J. Flint
"Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and will accelerate on an unsustainable pace if there is no intervention. The Marshall Hydrothermal Technology is one of the most innovative clean energy alternatives I have seen, and I am happy and proud to work with this group of dedicated professionals to change the way this country and the world thinks about energy production."

Nancy Flint combines engineering and legal experience training to focus on developing technologies and companies. She earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Miami School of Law, both summa cum laude. A registered patent attorney with the United States Patent & Trademark Office and a certified intellectual property specialist by the Florida Bar, Nancy is licensed to practice law in the States of Florida and Georgia as well as the District of Columbia. Over her career, Nancy has been involved both from the technical side and the legal side with a variety of energy technologies, and is a named inventor on two U.S. patents. In addition to having a private law practice, she taught a class in Patent Law at the University of Miami School of Law as an Adjunct Professor of Law for ten years.

Nancy grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and now calls Fort Lauderdale her home. Now that her two daughters have left home, Nancy enjoys time at home with her rescue dogs and cats and tinkering in her backyard vegetable garden.

Alfred Gaile
"I'm honored to be invited to contribute to such a compelling technology which will take its significant role in future supply for energy along with mining of rare metals and minerals and even water desalination."

Alfred is an entrepreneur in the green energy market. He received his diploma degree in mechanical engineering with major in power engineering and automotive engineering from a German university for applied sciences. His experience from almost 30 years of professional life spreads all across business organization, covering manufacturing, research and development, product management, marketing and general management. He has been working in the markets of machine-building, automotive test equipment, railway applications, aircraft industry and green energy products. His main expertise - with more than 13 years of experience - is development engineering, project management, risk management and feasibility evaluation.

Loraine Green
"The design of the Marshall Hydrothermal process -- to harvest valuable minerals non-invasively while capturing the most potent and naturally occurring energy source on the earth -- fulfills the strict criteria of optimized whole systems design, and will certainly be the leading disruptive innovation in energy production."

As a whole systems developer/designer, Loraine channels her passion for materials innovation and the ability to see relational processes into developing integrated, multi-functional systems using nature-based operating principles. Whole systems thinking literally re-invents the way we manufacture products, practice agriculture, generate energy, provide infrastructure, and govern ourselves: Safely. Intelligently. Regeneratively.

Known as an engaging public speaker, Loraine was featured as a session speaker for “Facilitating Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Green/CleanTech,” at NCSE’s 10th National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment: The New Green Economy in January 2010.

Prior to launching Sustainable Systems Design/Development, Loraine served as a Corporate Sustainability Consultant and Senior Project Manager for McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). With a lead role in devising sustainable strategic plans for key clients, she has inspired companies to integrate Cradle-to-Cradle principles and protocols into design/decision-making processes, supported leadership in organizations transitioning to sustainability and introduced systems for optimizing materials selection.

Gustav R. Grob

"In less than a generation we have to replace all finite mineral energy resources coal, petroleum, natural gas and uranium not only because of their depletion, but mainly because of their detrimental affects to the health, biological balance and global warming. Humankind needs all benign, sustainable and affordable energy and water sources to survive on planet Earth in harmony with a re-balanced nature."

Graduate Electromechanical and Industrial Engineer ETH-BWI; BROWN BOVERI (now ABB); GEBAUER (ex OTIS, now SCHINDLER); DU PONT International; APPLIED POWER-ENERPAC; JET AGE SYSTEMS; SGS; Founding President of ICEC International Clean Energy Consortium; Dean em. SGS-REDWOOD International Petroleum Training School; Publisher of the Blueprint for the Clean, Sustainable Energy Age, Chief Editor of CMDC & ISEO News; Institute of Petroleum (now Energy Institute F.EI); Swiss Institute of Automation & Control SGA; life member of electrosuisse; Instrument Society of America ISA; International Association for Hydrogen Energy IAHE; ex-Chairman of ISO/TC 197 Hydrogen Energy; Chairman TC 203/WG3 Energy Systems Analyses; Founder President of CMDC, former Chairman of the World Sustainable Energy Coalition WSEC; Executive Secretary of ISEO International Sustainable Energy Organization, Geneva; Board Member of the International Energy Foundation IEF Canada; former Board Member of the World Renewable Energy Network WREN; Advisory Board Member of Space Energy; speaker at and organizer of many energy and environmental conferences world-wide.

Ruben Guerra, Jr.
”With rising energy costs and depleting natural resources, Energy is something we must all be concerned with. The Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System is a bold new technology that can provide a solution for our current energy crisis across the globe.”

Ruben Guerra, Jr is a Financial Executive with vast experience in diverse accounting areas which include: financial management, budgeting, information technology, audit, supply, warehousing and inventory control. His expertise includes assessing internal controls across multiple industries including military, retail, food and hospitality, lodging, recreation, oil and gas, utility construction, telecommunication, manufacturing and financial services. He specializes in Expense Reduction, Internal Audit, IT Audit, Internal Controls, Sarbanes -Oxley Documentation & Testing, DOD Accounting, Inventory/Stock Control, Purchasing and Contracting.

Ruben graduated from Park University with a Bachelor of Science Management/Accounting and Webster University with a Master of Business Administration. Ruben served in the U. S. Marine Corps for 20 years where he learned dedication, hard work and developed his core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment which he applies to all aspects of his life including the conduct of business.

Capt. Chris Gunderson, USN (Ret)
Professor Gunderson is a Research Associate Professor of Information Science at the Naval Post Graduate School. He is on a special assignment in Reston, VA sponsored by the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) to establish a Netcentric Certification Office (NCO). The NCO will link distributed DoD laboratories in partnership with industry to create a public/private e-Business portal for delivery of government certified “net-ready” software products and services.

Prior to this assignment, Professor Gunderson managed an initiative sponsored by Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to create the World Wide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG), a global network of collaborative experts committed to rapidly fielding netcentric tools.

Professor Gunderson retired from the US Navy in October 2004 as a Captain following 27 years’ service as a Naval Oceanographer..

His last assignment in the Navy was as Commanding Officer of Fleet Numerical Oceanographic & Meteorological Center, a super computer network operation center in Monterey, Calif. Prior to that assignment Professor Gunderson served as Deputy Oceanographer of the Navy, and helped develop DoD policy for enhancing information system interoperability. He holds a BS from the U.S. Naval Academy, an MS (with honors) from the Naval Postgraduate School, and is a Fellow of the American Meteorology Society.
Maurice Haff

“I am excited about the prospects for Marshall Hydrothermal, in terms of both financial returns to its investors and benefits for humanity. The vast energy sources that can be accessed, as well as the fresh water that can be economically made available, will produce strong, growing, and continuous revenue streams and earnings. The resources made available through application of Marshall Hydrothermal technology can cost-effectively serve the growing needs of a world population thirsting for affordable energy and fresh water.”

Maurice Haff is Director, IP Strategy & Monetization at Berenato & White, LLC, a full service intellectual property law firm located in Bethesda, Maryland. Before joining Berenato & White, LLC he was a partner in the special purpose intellectual property law firm White & Quinn, LLC. Prior to White & Quinn, LLC, Mr. Haff launched, funded, operated, and sold three corporations engaged in trusted Internet communications, electronic document management systems, and medical / personal care products. He has served in a range of leadership positions of responsibility and authority in technology based enterprises, including Program Manager, Executive Vice President / Chief Technology Officer, Founder/CEO. He has extensive experience in government contracting and relations. Mr. Haff is first named inventor in a commercially valuable portfolio of five U. S. patents and five international patents. In addition, he has several pending applications. For more than twenty years, Mr. Haff has engaged in technology focused entrepreneurial ventures and the development of intellectual assets. He has successfully monetized patents and commercialized technology to produce revenue generating products and services. Mr. Haff helps inventors, companies, and universities realize value from their intellectual property through rights formation, commercialization, and monetization.

Mr. Haff received a MBA in International Business and a MS in Management Engineering from the George Washington University. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. He is a U.S. Registered Patent Agent.

Mihai Joca

"The Marshall Hydrothermal technology allows the production of energy, metals and minerals in a sustainable fashion, in a context where traditional methods are proving extremely costly and damaging to our environment. Early-stage efforts to build this technology on an industrial scale are likely to offer significant financial rewards."

Mihai Joca has ten years of leveraged finance and M&A experience in Paris and in London . He is currently a portfolio manager of leveraged finance products across a variety of industries and geographies for Natixis Alternative Assets. Prior to joining Natixis, Mihai was an Associate Director in WestLB’s Leveraged Syndicate in London , in charge of underwriting leveraged finance and crossover transactions in the French market. Prior to WestLB, Mihai was an Associate Director in the Leveraged Capital Markets division of The Royal Bank of Scotland in London , structuring and underwriting leveraged loans. Prior to joining The Royal Bank of Scotland , Mihai executed and structured M&A transactions at Natixis in Paris . He is a graduate of Sciences Po.

Dan Kane

"Bruce Marshall’s Hydrothermal Recovery System offers the world a game changing energy concept - the only inexpensive, clean, abundant, and safe energy source currently available planet wide. A wide range of clean energy technologies exist but each comes with its own problems. Undersea vents are spewing hot, high pressure water directly into the oceans 24/7 at focused locations around the globe whether we choose to take advantage of it or not. Seems like a no-brainer to me…"

Dan’s broad technical and business experience spans many domains. A serial entrepreneur and the founder of 3 software companies, Dan has recently offered his expertise as a strategy and product management consultant to several startup and growth phase software companies. He also has energy and systems engineering expertise and consults to startups pursuing novel clean tech concepts.

Dan began his career at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnyvale, CA. There he performed systems engineering and power subsystem design and analyses for varied space based weapon systems supporting the Strategic Defense Initiative (e.g., space based laser and neutral particle beam systems, etc.). Later he led Lockheed’s efforts supporting NASA’s return to the Moon and Mars Rover Sample Return studies.

After completing his MBA, he left Lockheed to form his first software company with seed funds from an Air Force SBIR contract. The company provided PC based software products for satellite mission planning and analyses to research organizations, contractors and government agencies worldwide. A larger competitor, Analytical Graphics Inc., later acquired the company. At AGI Dan led what was then a novel “freemium” marketing strategy growing revenue from $7M to $50M over 4 years. Dan still provides occasional consulting services to AGI. Later he formed companies focused on enterprise software and consumer web applications. He’s currently evaluating his next startup idea – this time in clean tech.
Dan lives and works in Silicon Valley. He has a BS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois, an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Michael Kelly

"I too am excited to join the advisory board based upon the history of the extraction technology and the benefit of being dispatchable electric generation. Dispatchable generation is a benefit that few renewables and none of such magnitude and diversity may claim. The potential for significant energy transfer exists and the proper integration/modification to existing electric infrastructures will most certainly enhance low cost delivered electric energy to the world."

Adjunct Instructor, University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Computing & Engineering. 40+ experience in power transmission

Specializing in:

Project Execution, Industrial Forensic Investigations, Distribution Analysis, System Interconnection Studies, Electrical Power Transmission Reliability Studies, Power Sales Agreements, Electric System Studies (load, fault and stability planning studies), Transmission and Distribution Design, Integrated Resource Planning, Power Quality Improvement, Ferroresonance, FACTS Devices, System Retrofit Projects, Cost / Benefit Studies, DC Light Applications, Auxiliary Electric System Analyses, Power Plant Electrical Design, Startup, and Loss Minimization Investigations.

Mark Ladenheim

“It is an honor to be associated with this project. In a world where resources are becoming increasingly scarce and those available are difficult to retrieve and retrieving them carries significant risk, e.g. the BP Deepwater Horizon and Hydro-Fracking to name a couple, Hydrothermal offers almost unlimited resources with minimal environmental impact. It also represents an opportunity to scale the technology to meet most of the energy needs for all humans on earth without the creation of greenhouse gases or subsequent global warming.”

• Currently the Director and Owner of a Product and Business Brokerage firm located in Rochester New York.
• He has acquired and significantly grown several small companies before successfully selling them to other companies. It is reassuring that, where necessary, good processes were developed and implemented to enable these small companies to remain in business today.
• Worked in a number of Senior Finance, HR and MIS roles as the CFO or Vice President of Finance for two start-up companies in the early 2000’s.
• Started his career at Xerox as a Financial Analyst eventually ending as a Senior Finance Manager including two overseas assignments as the Controller of Manufacturing Operations in Brazil and the CFO of the Xerox Joint Venture in China.
• Attended and graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a BS in Accounting/Economics and The University of Buffalo with an MBA in Finance.
• In 2012 he will celebrate 30 years of marriage to his wife, Connie. Together they have a son and daughter. In his spare time he challenges himself with Marathons and Ultra-Marathons.

Patrick McGinnis

“I think harnessing the ocean’s thermal currents is the most exciting concept in ocean renewable energy put forth in years. This vast energy source could one day serve mankind as a replacement for our dependence on oil and gas, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

Patrick McGinnis is a registered professional engineer with more than 25 years of experience in engineering, project management, strategic planning, and business development for technology-based products and services. In addition to his work with Marshall Hydrothermal, Mr. McGinnis is a senior advisor for Ocean Renewable Power Company, where he has provided technical assessment and guidance for the development of tidal and ocean in-stream marine hydrokinetic devices, in addition to providing management consulting to other projects in the energy, aerospace, and defense sectors. He is also currently an R&D project manager at the Naval Surface Warfare Center and has extensive experience in the development and testing of large integrated marine systems. He has held previous roles as director of strategic planning and development at Lockheed Martin, director of strategic planning at Loral, and various positions in business planning and engineering at General Electric. Mr. McGinnis holds a BS from Drexel University and a JD from Temple University.

Bill Mills

Bill Mills“The Marshall Hydrothermal technology provides a more economical and beneficial resource than any other renewable or organic energy generation technology by providing two (2) major byproducts desperately needed in most all but especially developing nations; economical power and fresh water.  Other energy resources provide only power, with some resources generating byproducts of hazardous materials and effluents which incur additional cost for proper disposal or remediation.  An additional commodity provided by the hydrothermal technology, is a capability of recovery of precious minerals.”

William A. (Bill) Mills is the COO at THORAD LLC with an office in Leander Texas. Bill’s expertise in Physical and Cyber Security technologies evolved from his work for over 20 years in Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism as a member of US DOD, in both the US Army Rangers and US Navy SEAL Teams.

He has a very extensive background in both surface and subsea systems, including 30 years of work with surface and subsurface vessels. From his government service, everything from small, one-man, deep submersibles to 102-foot Armed, Fast Patrol Craft and from his oilfield operations everything from SPAR’s to large, multi-field TLP’s.

Bill builds teams of companies who specialize in Physical Security, Physical Security Technologies with connected Cyber Security operations which use AI enabled search engines for monitoring and event reporting systems.

Bill is a Board-Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and an active member of the local FBI sponsored INFRAGARD Infrastructure Security group in Austin Texas.

Bill manages several Risk and Vulnerability Assessment teams and is very knowledgeable with CIVA, the Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment technologies and the RAAP, Regional Resiliency Assessment Programs.

Sergio Miño

"The technology proposed by Marshall Hydrothermal is an innovative, radical and creative solution, not only for North America’s energy independence, but also for a future with substantial reduction in carbon emissions."

Sergio Mino has a background in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia, his hometown. In Colombia, Sergio and former classmates created a company that provides remediation services for the local downstream oil & gas companies.  He and his partners developed a modified chemical oxidation remediation process that has been patented, and they received significant recognition by winning the National Innovation Award.

With the experience he gained in the remediation of on-shore spills, Sergio joined the Ministry of Environment of Colombia, to design a regulation that creates incentives that can prevent more spills from happening. As his interests moved from corrective actions to the prevention of contamination, Sergio earned a Master’s degree at Cornell University where he gained contact with world-class leaders and thinkers in the sustainable design of energy systems. Now Sergio’s interests are not only with renewable energy systems, but he is also interested in making oil & gas facilities safer and more reliable.

Anwar Mohammad

"I strongly believe that the Marshall Hydrothermal Technology will take a leadership role in setting standards in the renewable energy area."

Mr. Anwar Mohammad is founder Director and business consultant for several companies from Europe and USA. Mr. Anwar has spent over 20 years with Indian Industry primarily advising foreign companies to establish operations in India. He has also played an integral part in structuring and managing joint ventures, negotiations with state and central governments, organizing and implementing major critical projects. He is instrumental in bringing FDI from Europe & US. He has worked in several countries including US, UK, China, UAE, Brazil and Germany. Mr. Anwar Mohammad has been involved in developing overall corporate business plans as well as the overall India strategy for several foreign companies. He is currently serving on the board of several Multi National Companies.

Terry Peltz

"Marshall Hydrothermal will bring this clean energy technology to market efficiently, proving that sustainable sources of energy are possible, without harming the environment, and at the same time being socially and ethically responsible."

Terry Peltz is a Financial Executive with over 25 years’ experience in financial analysis, feasibility studies, budgeting, forecasting and risk management. He is presently the Director of Performance Advisors LLC, a firm that specializes in financial analysis, operational improvement and Social Auditing which measures not only how well an organization is meeting its social and ethical responsibilities, but more importantly, how well that performance is being perceived. Prior to founding Performance Advisors LLC, Mr. Peltz was the Corporate Controller for the Whittmann Group and for Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey LTD where he was involved in large scale construction projects.

Mr. Peltz is a graduate of both the University of Toledo and Holy Spirit Seminary. He has one daughter, Colleen, who is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton.

Jacques Putzeys

"I am excited to join the advisory Board of this innovative company that proposes a hydrothermal system that would harness the vast energy available from deep sea hydrothermal vents, especially since this is a brand new, previously untouched, energy source, cleaner and potentially cheaper than nuclear energy.
The challenges are big but thanks to the patent, the positive reception by the scientific community and the building of a strong team it should be possible to create a great company especially as the energy cost could compete with the cheapest power available."

Jacques is a seasoned senior executive, business angel and corporate finance specialist.  Since 2000, he has run a boutique corporate finance firm out of Monaco specialized in assisting companies preparing for their fund raising and possible stock market listing (  He is also the founder of  He has served on numerous Boards over the past years following successful capital raising and IPO of the companies concerned (some of the companies are Theolia, Thenergo, H20 Innovation, Conporec, Naseba, OTI etc )

His professional experience as a CEO :

Co-founder and CEO of NASDAQ Europe (formerly Easdaq ) from 1995 to 2000
CEO of Banque Nagelmackers Belgium from 1993 to 1994
CEO Fortis Bank New York 1989 to 1993
Other experience :
Several management functions at Fortis Bank Belgium (formerly ASLK CGER) from 1976 to 1999
Auditor KPMG from 1973 to 1976

Dr. Muthukumar Ramaswamy

Muthukumar Ramaswamy earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has 25 years extensive experience in design, project management, health care engineering, renewable energy, teaching, quality control, facilities management, research and development.

Senior manager (engineering) in an Indian government consultancy organization at New Delhi for more than 12 Years. Designed the largest air-conditioning systems in South East Asia. Worked as an assistant engineer (18 months) in Government of Tamil Nadu, and Hospital Chief Engineer in Ministry of Health, for 12 years. Currently serves as Technical Expert at His Excellency’s Office in Royal Court of Affairs, Oman .

Part-time undergraduate Mechanical Engineering instructor at Delhi. Author of more than half dozen books on various mechanical engineering subjects, some used for Institution of Engineers (India) Exams. Published more than 25 research papers in international journals and conferences.

Dr. David Rivkin

"The Marshall Hydrothermal system has the potential to be a valuable part of the renewable energy solution for the worlds needs, something the planet desperately needs. By accessing energy already entering our environment, this system has advantages over existing geothermal technologies, while maintaining the same advantage of 24/7 operation that geothermal systems have today. The system may also be a key part of a more global, cooperative energy future."

Prof. David Rivkin, PhD is the Sustainable Methods Institutes' Managing Director and Dean of the College of Science and Technology. He is also currently the Chairman of the Nanosciences in Renewable Energy Department at Chiist University and Dean of Education and Research at the Israel Sustainability Institute. Previously, Prof. Rivkin was the founder, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Ohalo College Green Technologies Department, Associate Professor at National University, International Technology University, and the Graduate School of Science and Technology at TU Munich. He holds dual bachelors degrees in Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. Prof. Rivkin went on to persure post-graduate studies towards a Doctorate in BioPhysics at the University of California and later completed a PhD in Business Sciences at the European School of Business at Regents College with a focus on Small Business Sustainability. He has over 25 years of professional experience in both industry and academia. He has previously taught at internationally renown colleges and universities in Europe, the USA and Israel, including teaching online to students in India and China. In 2010 Prof. Rivkin was nominated to be a Fulbright Scholar. He is also an IEEE Senior Member and Distinguished Lecturer, a NSF Principal Advisor in Clean Technologies, a Certified Program Manager, a Certified Corporate Sustainability Expert, and a Certified Green Energy Professional. Recently, Prof. Rivkin completed co-authoring, as Subject Matter Expert, a series of 6 textbooks "The Art and Science of Wind Power" used in colleges around the US and internationally. He is the winner of numerous technical and managerial awards and recognized by governments for his outstanding contributions. As a serial entrepreneur of several successful ventures including founder and Chief of Technology for SciEssence Intl. Prof. Rivkins multidisciplinary background, from biosciences to nanotechnology from health to energy, provides a broad background in Sustainability.

Ermanno Santilli

"What the world needs to solve the cycle of increasing population and energy demand is not tinkering, but a revolutionary source of new energy.  I believe one of the largest energy sources in the world coming from within the earth, will one day be the answer and Marshall Hydrothermal will pioneer it."

Having spent over 15 years with Fortune 500 companies in fields of accounting, auditing, marketing, sales and general management in Belgium, France, UK and the USA, Ermanno possesses diverse expert knowledge. This broad knowledge base when combined with his business innovation skills results in a proven track record of finding new solutions to old challenges, successful business turn arounds, and weaving new technologies into mature industries for profitable growth in both corporate and entrepreneurial business.

More recently, Ermanno has been a board member and Vice President of a Nasdaq listed company which is successfully introducing a new patented liquid gasification solution to the industrial gas and wastewater markets, and has provided shareholders a return of over 300% in three years. Brussels-based with a dual Italian and US citizenship, Ermanno is at home on either side of the Atlantic.

Harald G.F. Sauer

"A genius technology, as simple as it is smart.  I am convinced the Marshall Hydrothermal system will present a significant and sustainable change to the world in terms of energy and resourses."

Mechanical engineering at the TU (Technical University) in Munich/Germany. Bayerischen Akademie für Werbung und Marketing (Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing); final diploma: Dipl. Kommunikationswirt (master of communications and economies). Subject of the diploma thesis: “Corporate Communications at BMW AG, Munich”. Schulungs-Centrum für Spielbanken (International Casino Academy in Lindau/Germany and Rorschacherberg/ Switzerland), Masters of Casino Administration

Lecturer in corporate identity at the Bayerische Akademie für Werbung und Marketing, Munich/Germany. (Bavarian Academy for Marketing and Advertising)  Director of Circle of Beautiful People social network group “CBP Planet Earth 2011”

Experienced in technical marketing, business start-ups, new technologies, project development and sustainability.
Panama: CEO / Technical Director with Sustainable Technologies, Inc. to introduce KDV technology to Latin America and various European countries. Project Director with Futuro Forestal, Panama, involved in highest and best use concepts, tropical reforestation with native species and project design. Managing director of Community and Forest Foundation. Country risk evaluation.
Dominican Republic: Consultant to premium condominium projects, project development, track records, progress reports, construction supervision, plant engineering with concrete roof industries.

Antigua and Barbuda: Partner/ Managing Director for Caribbean Casino Corporation, Antigua, first ever JAVA casino.
Germany: Managing partner / creative director with advertising agencies with strong technical orientation in mechanical engineering, electronics and software. Award winning campaigns for international top notch clients. Documentation engineer with Thewald Documentation and Siemens.

Dr. Steven Schumacher

"The Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System is one of the most exciting endeavors I have seen in my career. I know full well the costs associated with seeking and developing energy resources. The prospect of lowering those costs, while expanding the reach of energy sources, is perfectly timed. I am thrilled with the opportunity to be involved in the formulation of the structure to take advantage of this technology and serve the world's energy needs for decades to come."

Steve Schumacher is a management consultant, trainer, and public speaker with over 25 years of experience in numerous industries throughout North America. His focus is to provide measurable improvement in key business metrics by strategically and systematically focusing on the “people” side of business. He has worked with all levels of organizations, from executives to front-line employees on improving productivity, quality, safety, costs, teamwork, performance coaching, performance management, change implementation, leadership, teamwork, culture, organizational development strategy, and customer service.

Since 1981, Mr. Schumacher has been a resource to companies in nearly all sectors of business, including service, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and health care. His client roster includes Kaiser Permanente, Graymont Lime, Chemical Lime Group, Sutter Health, Mazda North America, Black Angus, Ingram Micro, Smith International, Coopervision, Hunt Wesson, Domino’s Pizza, Castellini Companies.

In addition to his consulting, group facilitation, and public speaking activities, Mr. Schumacher has written numerous articles on various Management and Leadership topics including: Change Agents: Creating Organizational Change Requires A Collaborative Effort, Succession Planning: Passing The Torch, Identifying High Potential Employees, and Keeping Your Top Performers During Tough Times. He is also an exclusive monthly columnist for Rock Products Magazine, an industry trade periodical.

Mr. Schumacher holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Business from Arizona State University and a Doctorate in Education from Pepperdine University. He is a member of MENSA International and is on the faculty of the University of California, Irvine Gifted Students Academy. He resides in Orange, California.

Ron Smith

"Our Company Deep Down Inc. specializes and has been a part of some the innovations in the deepest waters in the Oil and Gas business. I look forward to supporting the MHRS system in applying some of what we learned in the Oil and Gas for the most effective solutions for these applications. Being able to provide ample power – fresh water – and revenue from the sale minerals to support neighboring countries can improve their lives and change the world. There is nothing more noble than applying our knowledge to help our fellow man."

Ronald E. Smith, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director. Mr. Smith co-founded Deep Down in 1997 and has served as its Chief Executive Officer, President and Director since December 2006. Prior to December 2006, Mr. Smith was Deep Down’s President.

Mr. Smith graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering in 1981. Mr. Smith worked both onshore and offshore in management positions for Ocean Drilling and Exploration Company (ODECO), Oceaneering Multiflex, Mustang Engineering and Kvaerner before founding Deep Down. Mr. Smith’s interests include all types of offshore technology, nautical innovations, state of the art communications, diving technology, hydromechanics, naval architecture, dynamics ofoffshore structures, diving technology and marketing of new or innovative concepts.

Mr. Smith is directly responsible for the invention or development of many innovative solutions for the offshore industry, including the first steel tube flying lead installation system. Mr. Smith is also credited for the new patented Loose Steel Tube Flying Leads, subsea deployment systems, new subsea J-plates and the recently patented NHU (Non Helical umbilical), which is a mobile steel tube umbilical production facility employing a new concept to build Steel Tube Umbilicals.

Dr. Benjamin Steinhaus

"Hydrothermal technology has the potential to create an entirely new sector in the clean technology industry and to ultimately change in the way the world generates power."

Ben joined the Marshall Hydrothermal advisory board in August of 2011. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, is a licensed Professional Engineer and has worked in the power generation industry for over 10 years. Previous employers include General Electric, Roper Industries and Nooter/Eriksen. He has an extensive background in heat transfer and fluid mechanics including experience leading the design of turbines, boilers, engines and process burners. His industrial experience includes leading the design of eight fired, multi-pressure waste heat recovery boilers currently in operation across the U.S., as well as the thermal design of the world’s largest radiant syngas cooler. Most recently, he worked on the commercialization of clean combustion technologies at General Vortex Energy, a Houston based venture capital backed start-up. His work has generated 8 pending patents and numerous journal publications. Ben’s industry experience and R&D background will help facilitate the development and commercialization of Marshall Hydrothermal’s technology.

Walter Venator

"The pressing need is to find new pollution-free energy sources, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase use of renewable energy, and decrease energy consumption. The goal is to generate 80 percent of the country’s electricity from clean energy-sources by 2035. That is the problem. The solution is hydrothermal vents. Extracting heat energy from hydrothermal vents and converting to electrical energy is a market-driven-game-changing solution with seemingly limitless capacity. It is technologically feasible, economically viable and an eco-friendly elegant answer orders of magnitude beyond any other green schema. I am as energized as I was when contributing to the Apollo Program to be a member of the Advisory Board."

Walter E. Venator, Jr. has over thirty years of successful assignments in electrical and computer fields focused on information technology systems solutions. Currently, he is a business development consultant to a number of electrical industry companies. He welcomes a challenge and relishes starting from the beginning, creating and implementing a plan, following a proven process, building long-term relationships and making the numbers happen.

Walter is a seasoned management professional with a passion for winning, business development, customer service, and passing on what he has learned to others. He teaches electrical courses in addition to sales and presentation skills training. He currently conducts seminars on electrical subjects including electrical safety. He is presently president of KWIK Service Group, LLC, an electrical consultancy, training and inspection firm. Walter was a founder and Vice President Strategic Business/Development for Renovo Group, Inc., responsible for all sales activities and creating an energized team focused on building highly leveraged relationships. Walter had senior sales management positions with large computer manufacturing companies. His specialty is Alternate Channel Sales, although he has spent as many years with Fortune 500 where he led his teams to win numerous multi-million dollar contracts.

Walter has over 20 years of installation, supervision, design, sales, marketing, customer service and training, experience in the electrical field. He has extensive knowledge of the National Electrical Code and general electrical theory. Walter was an evening school electrical instructor at Delaware County Community College, Coatesville, PA. He is a certified electrician, electrical engineer, electrical instructor, and electrical inspector. Walter has a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Cleveland Institute of Electronics, studied Nuclear Engineering Technology at Capital Institute and attended numerous sales and leadership courses throughout his career.


"Without any doubt, Bruce Marshall, has coaxed the genie out of the bottle. 3 wishes
answered by Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System! Endless heat energy to
drive turbines, distill water for potable uses and harvesting valuable elemental particles of
great value suspended in fluid streaming from the magma beneath the plates. I believe
Bruce found the most logical concept to address modern societal challenges for sharing
wealth and prosperity without degrading our environment with undisclosed hidden costs.."

Dean Wiseman working life has spanned 40+ yrs working in marine environments offshore and brackish or fresh water rivers. Almost every conventional energy producing facility and most manufacturing facilities are situated on waterways and oil refineries and industrial facilities need utilize available water for heat transfer processes as well as access for vessels.

Dean was trained to be a deep water saturation dive team member at Oceaneering Commercial Diving Center. The offshore oil platforms of the Gulf of Mexico provide many challenges and the opportunity to be contracted as an offshore diving specialist for Global SantaFe Drilling Company proved to be a telling experience for Dean. He had the responsibility to oversee diving operation for safety and production during 2005 hurricane season for “changing out” 16 Azipod thrusters on 2 brand new semi submersible “oil” driller platforms.

During the changeout project there were 2 hurricanes , Katrina and Rita, necessitating back to back evacuation and subsequent repairs from damages due to destructive energy of 75+/- ft. waves against the moored platform. Dean has inspected, repaired and performed maintenance upon nuclear, Natural Gas, Coal, Oil Fired Co Generation and Hydro electric dams and facilities over 35+ yrs. and worked offshore as a diving supervisor and diving specialist.

Dean served as a shipyard diving supervisor and safety consult recently for General Dynamics BIW Naval Shipyard 8 man dive team with focus upon ships husbandry under the newest first of class Zumwalt DDG 1000 Destroyer and inspections of the dry dock and land level facility. Wiseman is eager to get going on this next anticipated project…Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System pilot project is first choice!