We hold 5 granted domestic and international patents on the only practical system that allows utility-scale, sustainable electricity production from ocean hydrothermal vents. These are volcanic structures that emit a constant stream of superheated water, in some cases hot enough to melt lead.

Our patented system is based on the concept of capping the vent with an insulated pipe and ducting the flow to the surface where a platform carrying generators is stationed. The flow from hydrothermal vents also contains perhaps the richest metal/mineral ores anywhere, and that means that this is a sustainable commercial ocean mining system as well.

If the steam generated from the flow is allowed to condense, it also provides a constant, high-volume flow of fresh water We are therefore capable of generating three critical commodities; energy, mined products, and water, and all of this from the same infrastructure.

Our offerings run from those geared to smaller, community supporters to those targeting large institutional investors and strategic partners.   We have full documentation available including an Executive Summary and a formal business plan, as well as financials. This is a mature prospect, yet it is in an early enough stage to offer excellent potential. All investments available at this time are secured by ownership of company equity.

For detailed information about availability, please contact us at investorrelations@marshallhydrothermal.com with an indication of the approximate amount you are considering investing as well as any questions you may have.